Ready to send out your Magic Links to your Attendees?

1- Log into your event via Legacy Expo Pass:

2- Once you are in your event, go to the Attendee Data table:

3- Click on the Fields Icon at the top, and remove all attendee data and select the following fields: Name, Email, Magic Link Sent At and Updated At.

Select 10 Results to Display and click Apply.

4- Once done, sort the Attendees by the "Magic Link Sent At" header by clicking on it once. The registrants who have not yet received their Magic Links will populate at the top and have "Not Applicable". Your list of attendees will now be sorted in chronological order based on the date that they registered for your event.

We do step 4 because we are sending out Magic Links to 10 Attendees at a time. Sorting in this method will help you to ensure that any new registrants aren't accidentally missed in this process.

If you sort your list alphabetically by Attendee, you can easily miss someone if they register while you are sending out Magic Links.

5- Click on the box next to "Name" to select the 10 attendees on this page.

6- Once the 10 attendees are selected, click the "Actions" button and then click the "Send Magic Link" from the newly opened expansion window:

7- A prompt will pop up asking if you are sure you want to send a Magic Link. Click OK.

8- When you click 'OK', a blue progress bar will go across the top of the page. Once the Magic Links have been sent successfully, a green box will pop up in the top right corner that says 'Magic Links have been sent!'

9- Click on the box next to Name again to unselect the 10 attendees. Then click on the Next Page arrow on the right of the screen to continue to the next page.

10- Repeat steps 5 - 9 until you have exhausted your list of Attendees for your event.

NOTE: If at any time you may have missed an Attendee and/or want to send them another Magic Link, you can easily do so by selecting only their name in the Attendee Data Table (step 5) and then follow steps 6 and 7 to give them a new Magic Link.

After you have sent out your Magic Links, you can refresh your screen, go back into the Attendee Data table and repeat steps 2-4.

Note: 'Not Applicable' means they have not been sent a Magic Link yet. If they have been sent a Magic Link, it will show the date it was sent.

If you have any questions in this process, please reach out to your Event Success Manager or review our other articles in our:

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