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How to run a report from Expo Pass for your registration transactions.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Are you looking to monitor your registration transactions, credit card payments, credit card payouts to be deposited, or anything else related to your event's money collections, then read on on how to leverage the Expo Pass Registration Transaction Report.

When Expo Pass serves as your event's Registration System, you can pull a report of your event transactions - an accounting of what funds you have collected (and potentially refunded).

Here is the process to pull your registration transactions:

1. Log into Legacy Expo Pass and click into your event.

2. From the left-hand menu option, click on "Transactions" tab within the Registration section.

3. A list of your transactions will appear. Before exporting a report or viewing it online, you can change the data fields that will appear by checking the box next to each field:

4. Once you have your fields selected, click the box next to "Name" and click the blue box "Select all xxx".

5. Once done, the blue box "Select all xxx" turn to "Deselect All"

6. Now you are ready to export your report - click "Actions" and then click "Export"

7. Your report will process (this could take a few seconds based on the amount of registered attendees) and when it is ready to be exported a green tab will appear. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button.

8. Depending on which browser you are using, you will see a pop-up or be notified that your file has been dowloaded:

❗ Important: As with all Expo Pass reports, your data will be downloaded into a CSV file. We recommend that you save this file as an Excel file for your convenience in reviewing the data and/or performing additional analytics (sort, filter, etc.).

πŸ’‘ Tip: Throughout Expo Pass when reviewing/creating Attendee, Transaction, or Data Reports you have the option to select your data fields and save the report through the creation of a link by clicking the link icon (next to the field icon). A "COPY LINK" section will appear.

This link should be copied and pasted somewhere so you can easily access it at a later time (perhaps in a downloaded report for future access or your Notes). When this link is put into your browser address bar, you will be able to quickly generate your desired view of this report for your event.

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