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Using Facebook to Host Your Registration Form
Using Facebook to Host Your Registration Form

How to host your Expo Pass registration form on your Facebook page!

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to embed your Expo Pass registration form onto your Facebook page.  Please note, in order to move forward, you must already have a Facebook page set up.  

**Pre-requisite: At least 2,000 followers of your page**

  1. Visit and click on the big green button that says "Add Static HTML to a Page:

2. Choose which page you want to add the registration to:

**In some cases you may receive an error "This page does not have permission to install the custom tab." This is because Facebook recently updated their API and requires pages have at least 2,000 followers in order to add a new tab.**

3. Click on the green button that says "Set up tab"

4. This will bring you to the Thunderpenny website, where you will be able to embed the Expo Pass java script to create your event registration button for your Facebook page:

•You will want to delete the instructions that are automatically in the text box, before adding the Expo Pass java script.
•To get your Expo Pass registration form java script, please follow the steps below:

A. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

B. Under the “Registration” tab in the left-hand menu, click on “Registration Code”.

  • Please note, you must create a Registration Form before starting this step.  If you have not created your Registration Form, please follow the “Create a Registration Form” instructions in our Support Center.

5. Here, you can copy the java script registration form code, and paste it into the Thunderpenny box. 

6. After entering the code, click on the save button in the upper right hand corner.  Here, you can also view what the form will look like:

7. On this page, after saving, you will have the ability to change the name of the tab that will host the registration form.  In this example, I have name my tab "Event Registration":

*Make sure you click the "save tab name" button before moving forward.

8. When you head back to your Facebook page, you will now see your tab (in this case, titled "Event Registration", has been added to your Facebook page:

9. When your attendees click on the tab you've set up, they will be able to access the registration form and register for your event! 

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