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Google Analytics Implementation
Google Analytics Implementation
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Expo Pass has integration with Google Analytics to fire events at key points in the registration process. At present we only support when a person signs up and lands on the confirmation page.

Before you begin you must have first created an event through Expo Pass and have completed setting up your registration form.

To setup your Google Analytics:

  1. Locate your Tracking Id found in Admin > Property Settings it should be formatted like this: UA-XXXXXXXX-X and copy it. 

  2. Login to your Expo Pass account and select the appropriate event.

  3. Under the Registration tab, click on “Registration Code”.

  4. Paste your Tracking ID into the form field and click “Update Registration Code”.

After adding your tracking code to your Expo Pass event you must now add a conversion goal to your Google Analytics.

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account

  2. Navigate to Admin and choose the desired view

  3. Under the view column click Goals

  4. Choose + New Goal

  5. You will receive several options, choose the last option Custom

You can now set up your Goal:

  1. Enter a name for this conversion, if you have multiple events consider naming it specific to that event.

  2. Under Type select Event and click Continue

  3. Under Goal Details you’ll see several fiends. These must match precisely as follows:

  4. Category Equals to ExpoRegistration

  5. Action Equals to Purchase

  6. Label Equals to [Event Id]

  7. Your Event Id is a 6 digit alphanumeric code found on the event dashboard screen

  8. Value may remain empty

  9. Click Save

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