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Expo Pass was created to simplify your event and enhance the experience for your Attendees and Exhibitors. In order to ensure your guests are aware of the event technology available to them, we have created easy to use content that you can include in your marketing outlets. The information below is great for websites, newsletters, event kits, social media, and anywhere else where you are engaging with your guests about the event. Copy this information and customize it to reflect your event details to setup your attendees and exhibitors for success.


Expo Pass is an event technology platform that was designed to streamline, organize, and simplify your event experience. For [insert your event name here] we will be using the platform for [choose the areas you will be using Expo Pass for]:

Registration: To get our Attendees, Exhibitors, and Sponsors registered for the event

Session Tracking: To scan our Attendees in and out of Sessions and to track Continuing Education, Session Feedback, Presentation Assets, and more! (if applicable)

Lead Retrieval: To empower Exhibitors with a quick and easy way to capture leads, take notes, and follow up post event

An Event App: To provide Exhibitors and Attendees with event logistics, exhibitor/session/speaker profiles, an integrated social feed, and much more!


Expo Pass was founded by past event Organizers and Exhibitors who were frustrated with event technology solutions - so they did something about it. They created a platform that helps Event Organizers, Exhibitors, and Attendees focus on staying organized, creating lasting relationships, and having a stress free, successful event experience.


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