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Expo Pass Premium Badges
Expo Pass Premium Badges

Start here to get all of your Expo Pass Badge needs started

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Badge Shell Designs, Badge Printing Rental Agreement, Onsite Logistics -- oh my!

What do you need to know for your Premium Badge Printing Experience: Start here to get an understanding of the Expo Pass Premium Badge Printing Logistical expectations and needs.

Premium Onsite Badge Selection Guide: This article helps you determine the size of your badge (4x6" or 4x3") as well as notches, etc.

Expo Pass Badge Manager - How to Access: How to access the Expo Pass Badge Manager to start creating and managing your Premium Badge experience.

Expo Pass Badge Designer - Shell Layer | The Basics: How to navigate the basics of the Badge Designer Shell Layer.

Expo Pass Badge Designer - Shell Layer | The Details: Now that you've got the basics down to navigating your Badge Shell Designer, let's get into some of the best practices and tips to take your design to the next level.

Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The Basics: How to access and navigate the Print Layer in the Expo Pass Badge Designer for your registrant data being printed on the badge.

Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The Details: Get into the details, programming your registrant attendee data and QR Code onto your badge to be printed onsite by our thermal printers.

Expo Pass Badge Manager - Forming and Assigning Your Badge: How to put the shell and print layer of your badge together and assign for your live event needs.

Premium Onsite Badge Printing Logistics: This article helps manage expectations for onsite logistics needed to support your Onsite Badge Printing experience, which includes: Internet Connection, Power, Tables, etc.

  • **Please note: The internet connection is to be used for Expo Pass equipment for registration ONLY. It is not to be shared with staff, exhibitors or attendees, as this can cause issues with the equipment functioning properly.

Create Your Badge Print Report: How to create your report to monitor how many badges have been printed during your live event.

All the Other Stuff

Once you have all of the Badge Design and Onsite Logistics taken care of, it's time to get the rest of your event your event ready!

There are a few key components for you to complete in Expo Pass Classic:

Upload Your Attendees with Custom Attendee ID: How to upload your attendees into Expo Pass with all the data needed to print your badges.

Manually Add Attendees into Expo Pass: If you do not plan to use Expo Pass for onsite registration (walk-ups), here is how you will manually add those attendees to your event, so they can get a badge printed.

Create Your Registration Form: If you are planning on using Expo Pass for pre or onsite registration, you will need to create a registration form.

  • Please note - if you use Expo Pass for paid onsite registration, you must have a Merchant Agreement - see HERE

Upload the iPad Kiosk Artwork: How to upload an image that will display on the background of the iPad kiosks onsite during Check-In.

Add Your Sessions: If you are using Expo Pass for Session Tracking, you will need to add sessions to your event in Expo Pass Classic.

Event Settings: If you are utilizing the Expo Pass Mobile App, setup the Event Settings (Mobile App Access) to get everything ready for your event.

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