Are you an Exhibitor at un upcoming event that is leveraging Expo Pass for their in-person event technology needs? Lucky you!

There are two ways to potentially use your mobile phone while at your event:

  1. Claim your Company Profile

  2. Sign up for Lead Retrieval

Claim your Company Profile

It all starts here -- and it's FREE!

Why claim your profile?

Well - do you want the Event Attendees to see your company in the mobile app as the image on the left, or the one on the right? If you said "right" - well, then you are correct!

If the Event Organizer noted you as the Exhibitor Administrator, meaning you are the central point of contact for your company, then you win the prize and you get to Claim your Company Profile.

Please refer to this article to learn more about how to log into Expo Pass and claim your profiles: You're an Exhibitor Administrator -- and now you've been asked to claim your Profile?


If you are and Exhibitor Administrator and you want to add Exhibitor Users too, up to four more, then you can do so my adding them as a User in the mobile app. Simply click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Exhibitor Toolkit and then [click] "Manage Users."

The process for an Exhibitor User to log into Expo Pass is slightly different than that of an Exhibitor Administrator - you've done all the hard work. Here is an article you can share with your Exhibitor Users: Have you been invited to be an Exhibitor User for your upcoming In-person Event?

Sign up for Lead Retrieval

If your Event Organizer is using Expo Pass for Onsite Badge Printing or have pulled Expo's QR Code for their own badges, then you are going to want to purchase Lead Retrieval.

Hey Exhibitor - Do You Want to See How Lead Retrieval Works?

Here is how you will be able to Scan Attendees

Want to create qualifier questions so you can track your conversation: Qualifiers

And of course you want to see your Leads and bring them home: Download Leads

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