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Using Expo Pass Theater to Live Stream Your Virtual Session
Using Expo Pass Theater to Live Stream Your Virtual Session

How to use Expo Pass Theater to live stream your virtual session and connect up to 15 attendees at a time.

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Introducing Expo Theater. Connect away.

All new, and just launched, we are so excited to announce Expo Theater; a fully immersive meeting experience that promotes real-time attendee engagement. Now you can connect right within the Expo Pass Virtual Experience with our proprietary live streaming solution.

Expo Theater virtually connects your attendees and speakers, it’s never been easier! With the ability to engage with up to 15 attendees in each meeting session, the options are endless for interactive sessions, exhibitors meetings, round table discussions, and more.


1. To set up the Expo Pass Theater to stream your live session, login to and navigate to your event:

2. Click on Schedule in the Navigation Menu:

3. Select the Session that you would like to use Expo Theater as your Live Streaming option:

4. Click Edit:

5. Click on the blue pencil:

6. This will open our Session Video Options. Select Theater:

You are now in the Expo Theater Options. Here is where you will customize the Expo Theater experience.

7. In General tab you can edit your meeting settings and click NEXT:

  • Private: Requires a user to have the session added to their "My Schedule" in order to JOIN.

  • Available At/Until

    • Available At = the date/time attendees will be able to enter the Theater

      • We suggest opening the sessions 5-10 minutes before it starts to allow attendees to get settled.

    • Available Until = the date/time the Theater will close which will remove all attendees from the session.

      • We suggest adding a 10-15 minute buffer in case the session goes over

  • Preview Image

    • The image that is displayed in the video space on the Session Details before the session begins.

  • Post Event Image

    • The image that is displayed in the video space on the Session Details after the session has ended (after the Available Until date/time has passed)

8. In the Manage Roles tab, you can assign Attendee Moderator privileges for the session by searching the Attendee Name or Email:

  • A Moderator is someone who has special privileges during a Meeting. These privileges include:

9. Once selected, the following information is displayed in the Expo Theater for each Moderator (in order from Left to Right):

  • Moderator Badge

  • Icon

  • Name (First/Last)

Some roles are Always Moderators:

  • Event Owner (listed under Details in Expo Pass Classic)

  • Event Users (added under Details in Expo Pass Classic)

Other people are given Moderator permission:

  • Attendees

    • An attendee can be someone attending the event, an Exhibitor or a Speaker. They must be listed as an Attendee in Expo Pass Classic for the event in order to be given Moderator permissions:

      • If an Exhibitor or Speaker did not register for the event, you can either manually add them as an Attendee (see how to here), or have them register for the event.

10. To give an Attendee moderator permissions simply search by their Name or Email in the Manage Roles tab:

11. To revoke Attendee Moderator privileges, check the box next to the person(s) you would like to revoke and click on the trash can:

12. Once you have selected all of your Moderators for this Session, click Next:

13. In the Chat tab, select whether or not you would like to enable the Attendee Chat feature by toggling ON or OFF and click Save:

14. Click Done to return to the Session and go to the next:

Going Live with Expo Theater

Now that you've set up Expo Theater for your virtual session, it's time to go live! Event Organizers/Moderators will access the theater through the session on the Expo Pass Web App, just like attendees.

1. Navigate to your sessions and click JOIN:

2. You may see a popup asking permission to use your Mic and Camera. Click "Allow."

  • If you click block, you will not be able to use the mic and camera for the Expo Theater.

3. Once you have allowed the mic and camera permissions, you will land on the 'Ready to Join?' screen. Here you can adjust your camera, mic, and output. Once you are ready, click "Enter Session"

4. As a Moderator, you will be able to see yourself along with everyone attending the session (up to 15 attendees plus 1 moderator):

5. A Moderator is someone who has special privileges during an Expo Theater Meeting.

Below are all of the abilities you have:

6. Clicking on the "i" info button by the Session Title will pull up the session description and speakers:

7. You can view the attendee list, and manage the chat on the right-hand side of the window:

8. Anyone can click on their icon in the top right-hand corner and edit their profile and security information:

9. To leave the Expo Theater session, click on the red Exit button in the top left-hand corner:


Attendee Feature Control: A moderator can enable/ disable an attendees camera and mic, and ban attendees from the Expo Theater Session. Hover over the attendee to see these options:

Disable Theater: This will kick everyone except the moderators out of the Expo Theater session:

Collapse the Attendee List and Chat: At any point, anyone can collapse the Attendee/ Chat menu.

Click on the Chat box or the Attendee box to expand the side panel again.


Expo Theater Chat is a way for the attendees and moderators to chat live during the session. All chats are visible to everyone.

Type in 'Say Something' and click the arrow or Return/ Enter on your keyboard:

Search Chat: Anyone can search the chat using keywords and it will display all chats below:

Hide Chats: Moderators can monitor and hide chats. Click on the 3 dots below the chat and select Hide:

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