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Introducing, Expo Theater!
Introducing, Expo Theater!

Our proprietary live streaming solution that delivers a fully immersive meeting experience and promotes real-time attendee engagement.

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We are constantly working hard to bring you the best version of us, and we’ve been working on some new features to continue giving you the ultimate Expo experience.

Introducing Expo Theater. Connect away.

All new, and just launched, we are so excited to announce Expo Theater; a fully immersive meeting experience that promotes real-time attendee engagement. Now you can connect live right within the Expo Pass Virtual Experience with our proprietary live streaming solution.

Expo Theater virtually connects your attendees and speakers, it’s never been easier! With the ability to engage with up to 15 attendees in each meeting session, the options are endless for interactive sessions, exhibitors meetings, round table discussions, and more.

Meet face-to-face and chat, all in one place.

Expo Theater features your attendees in a video layout that maximizes the screen to bring you a fully immersive experience. No more distractions! Now your attendees can have that laser focus on what matters most, your event and each other.

In the theater, you decide who your session’s moderators are. They get a suite of meeting controls to ensure a smooth experience for all.

Collaborate constantly! Send messages, ask questions, chat away.

Attendees can share their thoughts and get more work done together, with the in-session chat located right in the interactive panel. They can engage with fellow session attendees by sharing comments and notes. Plus, they can ask speakers questions via text without interrupting the live discussion. It makes joining the conversation easy, even for those camera-shy attendees.

So what's next? Here is how to use Expo Theater in your Virtual Session for your next event!

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