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Editing Attendees - Troubleshooting
Editing Attendees - Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting tips for editing and managing your attendees in Expo Pass Classic.

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Can't edit an attendee in Expo Pass Classic? Having trouble updating an attendee's registration type? Here are some troubleshooting tips.


When Session Pre-Registration is turned ON within your registration form, and a session that's been added by an attendee during registration to their schedule is then removed/ deleted in Expo Pass Classic by the Event Organizer, the change in data causes the system to break within the attendee's record. This makes it so you can't edit any of the attendee's information using the Attendee Data Table -- Upload, Add, and Edit Event Attendee (ie: Name, Email, Additional Sessions Added, etc.).

No worries! Here are the steps to update those attendees:

1. Click on the Attendee section in Expo Pass Classic, and search for the attendee by name or email:

2. Once you have found the attendee click on their name:

3. When you click on their name, a window will pop up. Click on the Session Pre-Registration URL:

4. A new tab will pop open with the sessions the attendee has registered for. Uncheck the box next to the sessions on each day of the event:

**Please first make sure to take note of what sessions they had selected, as you will have to add them back into these sessions later in Step 9 (below).

5. Once you have removed ALL sessions on the attendee's schedule by scrolling through each day, click next. You will see a screen that says Registration is Complete.

6. Navigate back to the tab that has Expo Pass Classic open, and click on Actions - Edit within that same attendee:

7. You can now edit any of the attendee information including Reg Type, Name, Email, etc. Once you are done, click Update:

8. You will see the green prompt that states your update was successful. Now, click on the attendee name again:

9. Click on the Session Pre-Registration URL:

10. Navigate through the schedule and add the attendee back into all the current sessions that they were registered for previously:

11. When you are done adding back all the sessions that are live on the schedule to the attendee, click next:

Congratulations! Your attendee is now updated and their pre-registered sessions have been added back to their schedule.

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