What's new with 2.0?

Our new Event Home 2.0 comes with new features and different view for Pre-Event, During Event and Post-Event, to make it even more inviting for attendees and to allow you to more flexibility for your event.

*NOTE: All events before June 1, 2021 will have the option to use Event Home 1.0 or Event Home 2.0. However, after June 1st, our 1.0 version will be retired and all events will need to be updated to this new 2.0 version.

Any newly created events in Expo Pass after April 5, 2021 will be built in 2.0.

Admin Menu

The Admin Menu allows Event Owners and Users to easily navigate through admin tools you need to build your event. The menu is split into 2 sections: Web App and Expo Classic.

  • Web App: The top portion contains links that will help you set up the Web Application for your virtual event, including the Event Settings and the Sponsorship Bundles functions.

  • Expo Classic: This section will take you back to Expo Classic, where you can edit and manage the data for the Details, Attendees, Sessions, and Registration of your event.

Web App

  • Event Settings: This will take you to the settings management page for all of your Event Settings. Here you can turn on Attendee Web App Access, schedule your Event Reminder Email, and much more.

  • Sponsorships: Click here to create your Sponsorship Bundles for the ads throughout your event.

  • Help Center: Click here to navigate to our Organizer Help Center where you can find our help articles and tutorials for creating and managing your event in Expo Pass.

Expo Classic

  • Details: This takes you to your Event Details.

  • Attendees: This takes you to the Attendee Data Table where you can manage your registered or uploaded attendees for the event.

  • Sessions: This takes you to the Session list where you can edit your Session data and add new sessions.

  • Registration: This takes you back to your Registration where you can view transactions or manage and edit your Registration Form.

Always Open Nav Bar

For both attendees and admins, the navigation bar will now always be open. From here you can navigate to the event home, schedule, exhibitors, and the Attendee Help Center.

*NOTE: With easy access to the left navigation menu and our Help Center, we will no longer permit Expo to be noted specifically as an "Event Contact." These Event Contacts are best used to route Attendees to the Event Organizer and team. If the Attendee has tech-related questions, they should be encouraged to leverage the Attendee Help Center link for more information.

Event Status

The Attendee Access color will change depending on your Attendee Web App status setting. If it Is ON it will show green, if it's Scheduled for later it will show yellow, and , if it is OFF, it will show red. You can hover over the globe to see if it is on, scheduled, or off.




Pre-Event, During Event, and Post-Event Templates

The Event Home 2.0 has three different views: Pre-Event, During Event, and Post-Event. Each focuses on a different area of the home page to make the attendee experience even better!

The interface view will change automatically as follows:

  • From Pre-Event to During Event at midnight the morning of your event.

  • From During Event to Post-Event at midnight the morning after your event.

**Note - There is no ability to schedule these at this time or opt-out of any one view.

To navigate through the different templates, click on the menu in the top right corner and select the view you would like.

Within each view, you can now edit the Welcome Message and Welcome Video to be unique to each view -- OR you can apply the same message and video to all views.

*NOTE: The Welcome Message and Welcome Video MUST be saved individually within each template if you want them all to be unique. You can navigate through them using the Template menu shown below:

EDIT: In the top right corner of your page you will find the Edit button. This is how you will be able to see all of the editable items within the page that you are on in the Web App. When you are done, simply click on DONE, you will return to the full view of the page.

*NOTE: The new banner image for Event Home 2.0 is dynamic and thus needs to be abstract WITHOUT any logos or text.


During the Pre-Event view, the Event Home 2.0 focuses on the Welcome Message, Video, Resources. Attendees can also see an overview of the Event Schedule on the calendar widget.

During Event:

In the During Event view, the Event Home 2.0 focuses on the Event Schedule, highlighting the Sessions that are Live, making it easy for attendees to navigate to them.


In the Post-Event view, the Event Home 2.0 has a completely new look. On Demand videos are available to watch after the event and are listed at the top of the page. Any Other sessions without post-event videos are listed below the on-demand sessions, so attendees can still access needed materials and session information.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to your dedicated Event Success Manager or review other help articles in our:

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