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Remove an Attendee from a Session
Remove an Attendee from a Session

As an Event Organizer, follow these steps to remove an attendee from a session, after that individual has already registered for the event.

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As the Event Owner and Event User you have the ability to change a registered attendee's selected sessions anytime before the session begins (those sessions that they selected at the time of completing their registration process).

1- Log into Expo Pass with your credentials,, and choose the appropriate event.

2- In the "Sessions" section, select the session that you would like to remove a registered attendee from.

3- Click on the blue box on the far left that indicates the # of current registrants for this particular session.

4- Select the individual that you want to remove from a session and then click on the trash can icon on the far right. 

  • If you would like to remove ALL attendees, check the box next to registrant, instead of next to an individual attendee, and then click on the trash can icon.

5- A pop-up warning will appear, just to be certain that you want to delete this registered attendee from this particular session.  Click "DELETE"

6- Congratulations -- you have now removed this attendee from this Session.

If you would like to "ADD" a registered attendee to an existing session, please review this article: Adding a Registered Attendee to a Session.

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