If you have used a registration process outside of Expo Pass and you intend to leverage Expo's Premium Onsite Badge Printing experience, then you will need to upload your attendees. Here is the process to upload attendees into the platform, which requires the use of a Custom ID.

Please start by reviewing this Help Article: Uploading an Attendee List

When following this process, you will need to check the box "Use a custom Attendee ID number"

First Name, Last Name and Email are required to be uploaded into the system. If for some reason an attendee does not have an email address then we suggest using some dummy email domain to be used, such "@expopass.com." Please note that email addresses must be unique, meaning duplicates will not be permitted.

In addition, a column called "Custom ID" needs to be created and added into your CSV file. This ID number can be alpha, numeric, or both (we highly recommend both) and any length (we highly recommend at least 7 digits). Most important, however, is that each Custom ID must be unique to each person -- each person is required to have a completely different Custom ID that no on else in the event is using.

Here is an example of a Custom ID that can be easily built out for each attendee:

KP1001 followed by KP1002, followed by KP1003, and so on.

NOTE: Once someone has been uploaded with a Custom ID, they are tied to that ID, meaning if you do a second or third upload to override previously loaded information, the person must use the same Custom ID that was previously used (to avoid duplicating Attendees in your data set).

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