Uploading attendee list with custom ID after badge printing, on-site checkin & on-site registration is activated

∙ If this feature is already activated and the organizer is uploading their attendee list to the platform the following needs to be done:

∙ A column called "Custom ID" needs to be created and an ID should be entered in the first row (ie. KP1001) and incremented up to fill the entire list with its own custom ID (ie. KP1002, KP1003, and so on.)

If multiple uploads are taking place we recommend to the organizer that they start the custom ID at KP2001 and increment from there.

∙ Each upload is required to have completely different custom IDs to that no one in the system is uploaded with a duplicate ID.

First Name, Last Name and Email are required to be uploaded into the system

∙ If there are attendees who don't have an email address the suggested dummy email domain to be used is 

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